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Company profile

  Tianjin Tianyuan - Kapton Tape & Polyimide Film Tape Manufacturer
  Tianjin Tianyuan Electronic Material  Co.,Ltd. was formerly known as Tianjin Insulating Materials Factory which was founded in 1950 and was one of key enterprises in the field of Chinese electrical insulating materials.
  Since the 70th last century, our company has engaged in the development and manufacture of polyimide tape film and kapton film in China. By virtue of our strong technological strength, advanced management experience and perfect test approaches, we have passed ISO 9001 International Quality Management System certification. Our major products include "JinPeng" brand polyimide film and their serial products. In addition, our polyimide film has passed the America UL certification. 
  At present, polyimide tape film is a kind of insulating material of high insulation grade all over the world, because they possess high heat-resistance and stability. At the temperature from -200℃ to +260℃, they have outstanding mechanical performance, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, hard-volatility under high vacuum and corrosion resistance (except alkali). So far, polyimide products have been widely applied in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering, energy, transportation,  and other cutting-edge of science. 
  In addition to the very good performance of high and low temperature resistance, electricity insulativity, radiation and etching resistance ,the new product CR PI (TY6051-CR) and CR PI F46 adhesive tape (TY6251-FCR) also have very excellent performance of corona resistance and thermal conductivity. The corona polyimide film, kapton tape applies to turn-insulating major insulation£¬external insulation of  big coil and corona resistance protective layer of large tractive motor, conversion motor, wind driven generator, special motor etc.
  Possessing many polyimide tape film "doctor-blading" production lines and one production line of a bi-directional stretch, our company is the sole enterprise that is equipped with such two kinds of production lines presently in China. Among them, stretch production line is the special film-making equipment imported from America BBS Company. The polyimide film, kapton tape and relevant products manufactured with the equipment occupy the leading level all over China. At present, our products are mainly exported to high-tech industry in China. "JinPeng" brand polyimide films and their serial products include: films, kapton tape, strips, polyimide tape F46, polyimide films, and hot-set pressure-sensitive tape. 
  We expect the sincere cooperation with customers at home and abroad, and in the meantime warmly welcome the patronage by new and old friends.